Turbo Wookie

Turbo Wookie is a whimsically named product. More importantly, it's a collaborative music jukebox which streams music to multiple clients concurrently.

If that doesn't really explain anything, in less technical terms, Turbo Wookie is a collaborative jukebox; a group of people (probably friends?) can start up a Turbo Wookie instance, share the address amongst themselves, and build a playlist that they'll be able to listen to at the same time.

Think of it like an internet radio station, but the only music played is yours, and the DJ is everyone you let access your Turbo Wookie instance.


Turbo Wookie started as a group final project for a Software Design and Development course. We liked it more than the other ideas proposed to the group.

How does it work?

Turbo Wookie has four main components, in three parts:

  1. A Music Stream. That's manipulable.
  2. A Music Library.
  3. A Web Server that serves clients and manipulates the stream.
  4. A Web-based Frontend. Because who wants to download another application?

The three parts are:

  1. MPD (Music Player Daemon). It acts as both our stream and library.
  2. Our backend server, written in Go.
  3. Our frontend, written in Dart.

Thus far, running Turbo Wookie been tested on Linux (Ubuntu and Arch) and Windows. Presumably it'll run on OS X, we just don't have any team members running OS X.